MBDTC 2002 Obedience Trial
Sunday, August 04, 2002
Open B - Obedience
Judge: Michele Illes

OB-01 Tedas Reds Braveheart Will CD OA OAJ
3rd Place AKC REG NO. SN341767/06 5/12/96
QUALIFY Breeder: Terence & Dainese Clippinger
196.0 Sire: CH Road Warriors Red Thunder JH
Dam: Mini River Ms Feisty Hearts
Owner: Jane Grady & Ashley Winn
Brittany (Dog)
OB-02 Hill Haven Braveheart CDX OA OAJ
AKC REG NO. DL733772/01 2/11/98
Absent Breeder: Laurie Burnham
Sire: CH Waldenwood The Blue Laird
Dam: Hill Haven Xica
Owner: Barbara Miess & Laurie Burnham
Shetland Sheepdog (Dog)
OB-03 CH Meadowoods Misty Image UD NA
AKC REG NO. SN048203/01 2/25/93
NQ Breeder: Sylvia Holderman
Sire: CH Meadowoods Lightning Bolt
Dam: CH Willow of Meadowood CD
Owner: Noreen Silva
Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Bitch)
OB-04 Shadowlends Midnite Keepsake UDX
AKC REG NO. DL537203/01 6/30/94
QUALIFY Breeder: Carol S T & Frank K Davis
189.0 Sire: Zukee's Zorro of Shadowlands CDX
Dam: Shadowlands Heather Rose UDX
Owner: Carol S T & Frank K Davis
German Shepherd Dog (Bitch)
OB-05 Koo Koo Achoo UDX MH
4th Place AKC REG NO. SN332360/03 4/4/96
QUALIFY Breeder: Larry Linthicum
196.0 Sire: FC/AFC Ornbaun's Buckwheat MH
Dam: Ms Susan R Quester MH
Owner: Ann Begun
Labrador Retriever (Bitch)
OB-06 Irongate The Sierra Zephyrus UD
AKC REG NO. WP448668/05 11/18/92
Absent Breeder: Eve Auch & Roger Auch
Sire: CH Sierra Ironhorse
Dam: CH Irongate's Hors D'Oeuvre CD
Owner: Jerry Enders and Ann M Enders
Doberman Pinscher (Dog)
OB-07 Dreamboat's Delta Queen CDX
AKC REG NO. SN621081/02 3/5/99
QUALIFY Breeder: P & J Myers
191.0 Sire: CH Campbelcroft Peppermint Paddy CDX MH
Dam: Princess Tiger Lily V
Owner: Katie WIlliams & Kate Davern
Labrador Retriever (Bitch)
OB-08 Legend's Dancing Spirit UD
AKC REG NO. WP657598/01 10/3/95
QUALIFY Breeder: JoAnne Vente & Kenneth A Moline
194.5 Sire: CH Merrilane's Vagabond Rogue CD
Dam: Karmel's Pin Up Girl CDX
Owner: JoAnne Vente & Kenneth A Moline
Boxer (Bitch)
OB-09 Westwind Code Of Honor UD
2nd Place AKC REG NO. DL540298/04 7/25/94
QUALIFY Breeder: Chris Meneley-Lynch
197.0 Sire: CH Westwind Heart Breaker
Dam: Westwind Just My Imagination
Owner: Rita Crawford
Shetland Sheepdog (Dog)
OB-10 Miss Mollie Of Woodside UD
AKC REG NO. SN672777/01 6/23/99
Absent Breeder: Barbara Nelson & Tim Ryan
Sire: CH Woodside Steamboat Willie
Dam: Chelsea Rosie Ryan
Owner: Ron & Colleen Thurston
Labrador Retriever (Bitch)
OB-11 CH Enchanted Oracle At Delphi UD NA NAJ
AKC REG NO. DL732346/02 2/16/98
NQ Breeder: Mary Weir-Anderson & Barbara M Lynch
Sire: Lucas Blond Des Bastides
Dam: DC Bigtree's Je Scus Enchante'
Owner: Maureen & Gerald Lambert
Briard (Bitch)
OB-12 Campbellcroft Singin N The Rain CDX
AKC REG NO. SN250751/06 5/23/95
NQ Breeder: Donald & Virginia Campbell
Sire: CH Raintree Slippery When Wet JH
Dam: CH Harrington Campbellcroft Lass JH
Owner: Marion & Michael Bashista
Labrador Retriever (Bitch)
OB-13 Tiara Alizan Star Of Alegre CD NA NAJ
AKC REG NO. DL730021/01 11/18/97
NQ Breeder: Aaron Ray Harper
Sire: Nik-Nak's 'Look'N Snappy'
Dam: Tiara Ray's Tazmo
Owner: Mimi Elaine Lorie
Australian Shepherd (Bitch)
OB-14 CH Voros Vadasz Kiri of Winsong JH UD
AKC REG NO. SN083962/01 6/26/93
Absent Breeder: Poe Asher & Evelyn Hilbert
Sire: CH Winsong's Gold Nugget SH
Dam: CH Pillango Voros Vadasz JH CDX
Owner: Poe Asher
Vizsla (Dog)
OB-15 Talulla Vom Haus Ledda CD
AKC REG NO. DL683963/02 1/29/97
NQ Breeder: Rita Ledda
Sire: Jaffo Vom Haus Schmittmann
Dam: Micole Vom Haus Ledda CD TD
Owner: Marie & Tom Quarles
German Shepherd Dog (Bitch)
OB-16 DD's Do'N A Double Take CD JH
1st Place AKC REG NO. SN635042/01 4/10/99
QUALIFY Breeder: Dee Dee & Billy Anderson
198.5 Sire: Ashford Midas Golden Touch CDX JH
Dam: Wahkiakum's Montana Sky CDX NAJ JH
Owner: Susan & Jerry Westover
Golden Retriever (Bitch)
OB-17 CH Cha-Rish Dance With The Wind UD
AKC REG NO. WP791257/08 7/16/97
Absent Breeder: Janice V Magalas, Joan Witt, Gail McLaughlin & Jane Craven
Sire: Ch Darwin's Dance Of The Hour
Dam: CH Cha-Rish Lancia
Owner: Jean Kos, Joan Witt, D Young & M Altheide
Doberman Pinscher (Bitch)