PWDCA Obedience Trial - Thursday
Thursday, October 07, 2010
Novice B - Obedience
Judge: Lora Cox

NB01 Armada's Brigandine CD TD RA
2nd Place AKC NO. WS07574602 1/1/2003
QUALIFY Breeder: Lana Langley
190.5 Sire: Armada's Captain Schrodinger
Dam: Sun Joy Helm's Alee Nina Armada
Owner: Tammy Hibberson
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
NB02 CH MACH Del Sur's She Sells Sea Shells RN NF WWD
AKC NO. WP97545202 4/15/2000
Absent Breeder: L & J Woodburn / M. Parzewski
Sire: CH Del Sur's Sail Away
Dam: CH Del Sur's Sea Ravin
Owner: Linda Otey
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
NB03 CH Cortereal Gone With The Wind RN AX AXJ XF WWD
4th Place AKC NO. WS16348702 1/19/2006
QUALIFY Breeder: Nadine Hunter / Judy & Torin Knoor
173.5 Sire: CH Cortereal Above and Beyond
Dam: CH Cortereal Electra RA TD AX AOJ CWD
Owner: Judy Berger
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
NB04 CH Peja Jazz Man of Cub Run
AKC NO. WS13748601 5/25/2005
Absent Breeder: Lynn & John Marcinek
Sire: CH Peja Comico Cabrito
Dam: CH Cub Run's Amora De Algarve
Owner: Kathy & Bart Simmons
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
NB05 Hunter's True Grit of Encanto CD TD RE NA NAJ NF
AKC NO. WS14259001 8/16/2005
NQ Breeder: Elaine Suter
Sire: CH Driftwood's Brown Trout By Hunter CD
Dam: Hunter's She's All That
Owner: Deborah Zorn
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
NB06 Finisterra Wicked Little Angel
AKC NO. WS24637101 11/19/2007
NQ Breeder: John Cucura / Susan Cucura / Leslie Arner
Sire: CH Freestyle Ocean Breeze
Dam: CH Finisterra Tangled Up In The Blue CD
Owner: Martin & Gina Moss
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
NB07 Stargazer's Lookout Sydney AX AXJ OF AWD
AKC NO. WS00205406 11/23/2001
NQ Breeder: Sandra & Christi Overton
Sire: CH Sunnyhill Lookout Stormwatch CD NA NAJ
Dam: CH Stargazer's Bewitched NA NAJ
Owner: Valerie & JP Tangen
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
NB08 Acostar's Late Nite Drummer Boy RN NAJ
3rd Place AKC NO. WS22292901 12/25/2006
QUALIFY Breeder: Lesley Millar
182.5 Sire: CH Sun Joy's Cao Grande QT
Dam: Tanaki's Aphrodite
Owner: Tracie East
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
NB09 CH Armada's Purple Haze
AKC NO. WS24377301 7/12/2002
QUALIFY Breeder: Debra Hignell
171.5 Sire: CH Armada's Purple Rain
Dam: CH Sunnyhill Calona Regatta
Owner: Elodie Mathison / Lana Langley
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
NB10 Questar's Blitzen Trapper At Rustyco
AKC NO. WS29357905 12/27/2008
Absent Breeder: Marilyn Rimmer
Sire: CH Questar's Thunder & Lightning
Dam: CH Questar's Once In A Blue Moon
Owner: Julie Rust &Ty Rust
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
NB11 CH Beacon Hill Zeta Orion Leal RN
AKC NO. WS16009006 11/9/2005
Absent Breeder: Debbie Gressle / Martha Martin
Sire: CH Pouchcove's Drion Leal RA
Dam: Beacon Hill Ribiera
Owner: Michelle Downey / C Downey / D Gressle
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
NB12 CH Pouch Cove Caribe
AKC NO. WS26002110 4/15/2008
Excused Breeder: Peggy Helming / Milam Lint
Sire: CH Cartmel Sea Master
Dam: CH Pouch Cove's Monkey Bustness
Owner: Cathy Cates / Charles White
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
NB13 CH Eauchien's Trial Run
1st Place AKC NO. WS12666703 3/29/2005
QUALIFY Breeder: Leslie McCracken / Morgin L Quirin
196.0 Sire: CH Driftwood's Brown Trout By Hunter CD
Dam: CH Eauchien N Driftwood Boca Chica TD UD
Owner: Tammy Hibberson / Leslie McCracken
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)