PWDCA Obedience Trial - Thursday
Thursday, October 07, 2010
Open A - Obedience
Judge: Curtis Cunningham

OA01 Restora Giuseppe Verdi Nobreza CD RA MX MXJ XF
AKC NO. WS12665402 1/12/2005
NQ Breeder: Kathryn Monroe
Sire: CH De Leao's Amadeus of Kimlyn
Dam: CH Tanaki Grace Note O Helms Alee
Owner: Leslie Holt & James Holt
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
OA02 Legado Momento Magico DA Mar CD RA NAJ NF WWD
AKC NO. WS14192702 6/20/2005
Absent Breeder: Janis Watts / Mart Miller
Sire: CH De Leao's Amadeus of Kimlyn CD NA NAP NAJ NJP
Dam: Legado Estou Enamarado
Owner: Karen & Lloyd D'Augusta
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
OA03 CH Vindouro’s Built to Withstand VCD1 RE AX MXJ XF
AKC NO. WS13088611 3/12/2005
NQ Breeder: Melanie Groth / Marilyn Rimmer
Sire: CH Del Sur’s Sea Trout
Dam: CH Questar’s Little Star of Highwood
Owner: Jennie & Jim Wilson
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
OA04 CH Mariner NCO Gusto CD RN AX MXJ XF
AKC NO. WS14797102 10/8/2005
NQ Breeder: Cynthia Mccullough
Sire: CH Valkyrie Dr Watson Is Here
Dam: CH Mariner Just Show Me Water CD RN OA AXJ
Owner: Carl & Susan Craig
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
OA05 Cortereal Greased Lightning CD RAE AWD
AKC NO. WS16348705 1/19/2006
Excused - Fouled Ring Breeder: Nadine Hunter
Sire: CH Cortereal Above and Beyond
Dam: CH Cortereal Electra
Owner: Ann Gaskell
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
OA06 Anelakia i Wainani CD RE WWD
AKC NO. WS13150905 4/27/2005
NQ Breeder: Rosie Baldwin / Bee & Bob Souza
Sire: CH DeLeao's Close Encounter
Dam: CH Anelakia i Lokelani
Owner: Valerie Newman / Vivien Pace
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
OA07 Hunter's True Grit of Encanto CD TD RE NA NAJ NF
AKC NO. WS14259001 8/16/2005
Absent Breeder: Elaine Suter
Sire: CH Driftwood's Brown Trout By Hunter CD
Dam: Hunter's She's All That
Owner: Deborah Zorn
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
OA08 Armada's Brigandine CD TD RA
1st Place AKC NO. WS07574602 1/1/2003
QUALIFY Breeder: Lana Langley
184.5 Sire: Armada's Captain Schrodinger
Dam: Sun Joy Helm's Alee Nina Armada
Owner: Tammy Hibberson
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
OA09 Lookout Wind and Rain and Fire CD RA NA NAJ OF WWD
AKC NO. WS12056303 2/26/2005
NQ Breeder: Suzanne & Jan Malick
Sire: CH Tanaki's Mains"l of Helms Alee
Dam: Stargazer's Lookout Hot Stuff CD RA AX AXJ CWDX GROM
Owner: Valerie & JP Tangen
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
OA10 CH Finisterra Tangled Up In Blue CD RE MX MXJ
AKC NO. WS01568511 7/25/2002
NQ Breeder: Leslie Arner
Sire: CH Watermark The Prince of Whales
Dam: CH Finisterra Planeta Rica
Owner: John & Susan Cucura / Leslie Arner
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
OA11 Legado Hilariante Moli Morena CD RE OA OAJ NJP
AKC NO. WS03483901 1/7/2003
Excused - Dog Left Ring Breeder: Janis Watts / Mart Miller
Sire: CH Legado Campeao de Ashbe
Dam: Legado Estou Enamarada
Owner: Jan Shirreffs / Pam Barnett
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
OA12 DreamStar Carly of Del Cardo VCD RA CWDX
AKC NO. WS02995703 1/21/2003
NQ Breeder: Barbara & Don Niemann / Helen & Norman Pacula
Sire: CH Watermark The Prince of Whales
Dam: CH DreamStar Daisy of Top Cabin
Owner: Denise Gilbert
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
OA13 Seashell's James One Lapp CD RN
2nd Place AKC NO. WS16583403 11/13/2005
QUALIFY Breeder: Linda Otey and Nancy Lapp
182.0 Sire: Ch Driftwood's Bacchus Dos
Dam: CH Seashell's First Party Lapp CDX RE AX AXJ
Owner: Nancy Lapp & Linda Otey
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
OA14 Elk Run W. G. Dupree CD RA
AKC NO. WS19512303 9/13/2006
NQ Breeder: J'nevelyn Martin & Joanne Forsythe
Sire: CH Tanaki's Yukon XLT
Dam: Helm's Alee Ela Puxox Ai Pal Er
Owner: J'nevelyn Martin / Cathrine Waters
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
OA15 CH Stargazer's Astrud Isabella CD RA
AKC NO. WS00205404 11/23/2001
NQ Breeder: Christi Overton / Sandra Overton
Sire: CH Sunnyhill Lookout Stormwatch CD NA NAJ
Dam: CH Stargazer's Bewitched CD OA NAJ
Owner: Amanda Ford
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
OA16 CH Stargazer's Hit The Deck CD RE AX AXJ
AKC NO. WR07401405 10/25/2002
Absent Breeder: Nancy Gills / J R Hughes
Sire: CH Sunnyhill Dom Benjamin
Dam: CH Stargazer's Hanalei Voyager RN NA NAJ NJP NF NFP
Owner: Jan Malick & Suzanne Malick / Sandra Overton
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
OA17 CH Seadream Inspector Clouseau CD
AKC NO. WR05016005 10/28/2001
Absent Breeder: Geri Zuckerman
Sire: CH Pinehaven Tomar De Assaulto
Dam: CH Roughrider Saltwater Serenade CDX CWD
Owner: Geri Zuckerman
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
OA18 Seashell's Lapp O' Luxury CD RN WWD
AKC NO. WS16583401 11/13/2005
NQ Breeder: Nancy Lapp / Linda Otey
Sire: CH Driftwood's Bacchus Dos
Dam: CH Seashell's First Party Lapp CDX RE AX AXJ CWD
Owner: Linda Otey
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
OA19 CH Alto Mare Fun And Games - Bingo CD GN RE
AKC NO. WS18809002 8/25/2006
Excused - Dog Left Ring Breeder: Lisa & Tom Hubbart
Sire: CH Alto Mare Sharif
Dam: Alto Mare Makin Whoopee
Owner: Yvonne & Jack McCredie & Lisa Hubbart
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)