PWDCA Rally Trial - Wednesday
Wednesday, October 06, 2010
Advanced A - Rally
Judge: Lora Cox

RAA1208 Cutwater The Apple of My Eye RN OA NAJ NF
AKC NO. WS22117001 2/8/2007
Absent Breeder: Jane Harding
Sire: CH Bantry B & B Jump Jax Splash CD OA OAJ NF
Dam: CH Cutwater Love Me Do CD RA AX AXJ
Owner: Jane Harding
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RAA1209 Voyager's Squid at Anchor RN NA NAJ NF
1st Place AKC NO. WR07401408 10/25/2002
QUALIFY Breeder: Nancy Gills / J R Hughes MD
81.0 Sire: CH Sunnyhill Dom Benjamin
Dam: CH Stargazer's Hanalei Voyager RN NA NAJ NJP NF NFP
Owner: Nancy Gills
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RAA1210 CH Beacon Hill Zeta Orion Leal RN
AKC NO. WS16009006 11/9/2005
Excused - Out of Control Breeder: Debbie Gressle / Martha Martin
Sire: CH Pouchcove's Drion Leal RA
Dam: Beacon Hill Ribiera
Owner: Michelle Downey / C Downey / D Gressle
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RAA1211 Cutwater Come Dance With Me RN
AKC NO. WS29699002 2/8/2009
Absent Breeder: Jane Harding
Sire: Cutwater High Hopes
Dam: Cutwater Ain't She Sweet
Owner: Ana C Verissimo / Vane Harding
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RAA1602 OreoBay Get Me A Beer RN
AKC NO. WS26165303 5/3/2008
QUALIFY Breeder: Nigel J Clark
70.0 Sire: CH CnSand Bass Ackwards
Dam: CH Oreobay Ready To Run CD RN NAJ NF
Owner: Jennifer & Bryan Saulsbury / Nigel J Clark
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
RAA1603 CH Cortereal Gone With The Wind RN AX AXJ XF WWD
4th Place AKC NO. WS16348702 1/19/2006
QUALIFY Breeder: Nadine Hunter / Judy & Torin Knoor
72.0 Sire: CH Cortereal Above and Beyond
Dam: CH Cortereal Electra RA TD AX AOJ CWD
Owner: Judy Berger
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
RAA1604 CH Mariner Olivia Imperia RN
3rd Place AKC NO. WS21560002 4/3/2007
QUALIFY Breeder: Cynthia McCullough
77.0 Sire: CH Valkyrie Dr Watson Is Here
Dam: CH Mariner Just Show Me Water CDX RA AX MXJ
Owner: Giovanna Imperia
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RAA1605 CH Avida's Malazada Doce RN NAJ AWD
2nd Place AKC NO. WS16360601 1/24/2006
QUALIFY Breeder: Chris & Elaine Rasmussen / L Campbell
81.0 Sire: CH Salty Dawg Twice Baked CD RA OA NAJ NF WWD
Dam: CH Camlin's Rainha Dos Diamantes RN
Owner: Elaine & Chris Rasmussen
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RAA1606 Topnotch Dancer's Mulan BN RN
AKC NO. WS27295607 6/20/2008
Excused - Out of Control Breeder: Karen & Lloyd D'Augusta / Lisa Hubbart
Sire: CH Ondulado's Schooner D'Sanoque
Dam: CH Alto Mare Dancin in the Sea
Owner: Anne & Mike Paterson
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RAA1607 Hunter's Grand Master Mikito RN
AKC NO. WS15122306 10/22/2005
Absent Breeder: Elaine Suter
Sire: CH Hunter's Black Tagus NA NAJ NAP NJP
Dam: CH Hunter's The Wedding Singer CD OA NAJ
Owner: Judy Cheguis
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)