PWDCA Rally Trial - Wednesday
Wednesday, October 06, 2010
Novice B - Rally
Judge: Lora Cox

RNB-01 CH Eauchien's Trial Run
1st Place AKC NO. WS12666703 3/29/2005
QUALIFY Breeder: Leslie McCracken / Morgin L Quirin
99.0 Sire: CH Driftwood's Brown Trout By Hunter CD
Dam: CH Eauchien N Driftwood Boca Chica TD UD
Owner: Tammy Hibberson / Leslie McCracken
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RNB-02 CH Driftwood's You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
AKC NO. WS27017402 6/27/2008
QUALIFY Breeder: B&V Gorman / Morgin Powell
80.0 Sire: CH Driftwood's Broek Success at Love
Dam: CH Driftwood's Scheming Calypso
Owner: Sandy Myers / Morgin Powell
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
RNB-03 Cutwater Jagger's Platinum Record
AKC NO. WS33700001 12/6/2009
QUALIFY Breeder: Jane Harding
81.0 Sire: CH Cutwater The Big Apple CD, RN
Dam: CH Cutwater Silver Grace
Owner: Jenna Bullis
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RNB-04 CH Cortereal Iron Man AWD
AKC NO. WS29062301 1/21/2009
QUALIFY Breeder: Nadine Hunter / Judy Knorr
75.0 Sire: CH Bayswater Hippolito Leal CD
Dam: CH Cortereal Electra RA TD AX AOJ CWD
Owner: Judy Berger
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
RNB-05 Stowaway Black Jewel Of The Sea
AKC NO. WS16969903 3/21/2006
QUALIFY Breeder: Janet Boyd
77.0 Sire: CH Downeast Lord Of The Rings
Dam: CH Redwoods Song Of The Sea RN AX AXJ
Owner: Cathi Jzyk
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
RNB-06 Covey Run Coracao De Coracaoes-Cotu TDX
AKC NO. WS27848805 8/23/2008
QUALIFY Breeder: Larry & Diana Bailey / Keith & Marsha Litke
89.0 Sire: CH Aviators Lucky Charm
Dam: CH Roseknoll's Perola Preta
Owner: Dennis Teague / Margaret Teague
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RNB-07 Stargazer's Lookout Sydney AX AXJ OF AWD
AKC NO. WS00205406 11/23/2001
QUALIFY Breeder: Sandra & Christi Overton
78.0 Sire: CH Sunnyhill Lookout Stormwatch CD NA NAJ
Dam: CH Stargazer's Bewitched NA NAJ
Owner: Valerie & JP Tangen
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RNB-08 Roseknoll's Maria da Socorro
AKC NO. WS27769902 9/13/2008
QUALIFY Breeder: Paula Heath / Maskey Heath / Susan Teasley /Charles Teasley
89.0 Sire: De Leao's Amadeus of Kimlyn
Dam: Roseknoll's Emerald Sea
Owner: Leslie Holt & James Holt
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RNB-09 Yaquina Bay Diva By The Sea WWD
AKC NO. WS10388206 8/9/2004
QUALIFY Breeder: Louise Peterson
87.0 Sire: CH Sunnyhill Dom Benjamin
Dam: CH Sunnyhill Joy to the World
Owner: Tom & Adele Thomas
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RNB-10 CH Elk Run's Lancelot Du Lac AX AXJ OF
AKC NO. WS20530702 2/6/2007
Absent Breeder: J'Nevelyn Martin / Jo Ann Forsythe
Sire: CH RavenBear's Spirit At Tanaki
Dam: CH Armada Lady Igrine Helms Alee
Owner: Susan Neal / J'Navelyn Martin
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
RNB-11 Moutainhead's Dina De Gifford
AKC NO. WS34871701 5/9/2005
Excused - Out of Control Breeder: Hannele Virtanen
Sire: Aurelio Infante De Gifford
Dam: Miss Bella Infante De Gifford
Owner: Connnie Szeflinski / Hale Landis
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RNB-12 CH Armada's Purple Haze
4th Place AKC NO. WS24377301 7/12/2002
QUALIFY Breeder: Debra Hignell
89.0 Sire: CH Armada's Purple Rain
Dam: CH Sunnyhill Calona Regatta
Owner: Elodie Mathison / Lana Langley
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RNB-13 Lookout's Fv Ocean Fury
AKC NO. WS24459101 12/13/2007
Absent Breeder: Suzanne Malick / Jan Malick
Sire: CH Sunnyhill Lookout Stormwatch CD NA NAJ
Dam: Lookout's Stokin' The Fire RN NA
Owner: Suzanne Malick / Jan Malick
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RNB-14 Kalista Let Me Be Your Teddybear
AKC NO. WS22473208 6/9/2007
QUALIFY Breeder: Krista K & Linda K Hunt
79.0 Sire: CH Downeast Elf About Town RN
Dam: CH Kalista's Forever Yours
Owner: Charles L & Linda K Hunt
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
RNB-15 Stowaway Jeweled Pirate NAJ
AKC NO. WS16969910 3/21/2006
QUALIFY Breeder: Janet Boyd
75.0 Sire: CH Downeast Lord of The Rings
Dam: CH Redwoods Song of the Sea RA AX AXJ
Owner: Janet Boyd
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RNB-16 Lookout's FV Fierce Allegiance
2nd Place AKC NO. WS24459103 12/13/2007
QUALIFY Breeder: Suzanne & Van Malick
93.0 Sire: CH Sunnthill Lookout Stormwatch CD NA NAJ
Dam: Lookout's Stokin' The Fire RN NA
Owner: Julie & Peri Hicks
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)
RNB-17 Mirage's First Rain
AKC NO. WS23533401 8/21/2007
QUALIFY Breeder: Shelly Jakubowski & Morgin Powell
73.0 Sire: Ch Questar's Thunder & Lightning
Dam: Ch Driftwood's phoenix in the Skye
Owner: Shelly Jakubowski
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RNB-18 CH Haleakala Miracle On Ice H.T. CD OA NAJ
AKC NO. WP72028101 6/6/1996
Absent Breeder: Lisa Baird
Sire: CH Alcedo's Good Vibrations
Dam: CH Fantaseas Truly Scrumptions
Owner: Tom Haake / Julie Asbed
Portuguese Water Dog (Bitch)
RNB-19 CH Pouch Cove Caribe
3rd Place AKC NO. WS26002110 4/15/2008
QUALIFY Breeder: Peggy Helming / Milam Lint
91.0 Sire: CH Cartmel Sea Master
Dam: CH Pouch Cove's Monkey Bustness
Owner: Cathy Cates / Charles White
Portuguese Water Dog (Dog)