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Version 2.0.3
Released 7-18-2001

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MapiBlaster is a spiffy little utility that allows you to broadcast individually addressed and personalized email messages through your MAPI enabled email client.

  • Keep your club updated on events and meetings
  • Notify customers about new products, product upgrades, sales and specials.
  • Publish electronic Newsletters


  • Creates an individually addressed message for each recipient in the list - with person to person message appearance
  • Use your regular MAPI email client like Outlook or Outlook Express to send messages
  • No need to understand or have special access to complicated internet services
  • Protects your valuable Email address list because messages are NOT group addressed exposing the list to all recipients
  • Does not utilize BCC addressing - which can be subject to message filtering when the recipient's address is not found in the TO or CC fields 


How it Works
Simple instructions and examples show you exactly how it works.

Download  << EmailList-Demo.txt >>
Download  << Message-Demo.txt >>

<< Download it now >>  

This is a fully functional Demo version of the software.  The Demo version adds a Powered by MapiBlaster footer to each out going message.  If you PayPal $5 to, you will receive instructions that allow you to register the software and remove the footer.

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